Capture, Communicate and Assess Learning
Tina McCaskill

Principal, Irmo Elementary South Carolina

Our teachers and parents are enjoying the Freshgrade app greatly! Teachers are expressing the ease of its use and parents are very impressed and thrilled to be able to get a glimpse of the classroom during the school day when they cannot always be around.

Laura Warkentin

Elementary Teacher

Ms. Warkentin is an Elementary School Teacher who uses FreshGrade. Watch her story.

Amanda Hack

Elementary Teacher

Amanda Hack ‏@amandahack Nov 17 I love @FreshGrade because it involves parents and students and is easy-Peasy.

FreshGrade is always free for teachers.

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Jennifer Hayes

High School Spanish Teacher, Metamora Illinois

I wanted parents to see what students were doing on a daily basis in my class and to see how their Spanish language skills were growing. I use FreshGrade to give students their daily work, document their evidence of learning, and communicate with them and their families. Students have found this year to be far less stressful and everyone knows what we are doing daily. FreshGrade allows me to differentiate instruction and to send a quick message to parents when I see great work or a downward trend in performance. Students know if they are meeting standards before it is a grade in the gradebook and they have a chance to rise to the challenge. Everyone can see so much more than just a name of an assignment in the gradebook. Students can upload messages from their epals, show evidence of completion of online drills, and just share things they find interesting.

Jane Silversides

Grade 3 Teacher, Surrey BC

Jane Silvesides, and her students, wrote a song and made this video to capture their FreshGrade experience.

Max Schafer

Teacher, Los Angeles

Fresh Grade will change the way I teach. It's always been a bit of a hassle to share information with parents. This makes it super easy to send them anything. And I have an instant record of the student's work.

Kristan Author

Teacher, Edna Staebler Public School

I can't thank you enough for this product! I have tried EVERYTHING out there and none of it meets my standards - that is until now! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Faith Lincicum

Effectiveness Coach Waukesha STEM Academy/Hawthorne STEM Wisconsin

Once teachers start giving the students time and space to upload the artifacts, teachers really started to enjoy the work as well.  I had a music teacher tell me that she has given more feedback to all 500 of her students in one trimester then she was able to on all grade book and report card entries throughout her career.