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Research-Backed Portfolio & Assessment Tools

FreshGrade allows teachers and students to quickly capture learning in digital portfolios. With our platform, teachers can provide feedback and track progression by using a variety of custom assessment tools. While parents are given ongoing communication about learning, students are given the opportunity to self-reflect on their growth.

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Save Time on Documentation

Our research-backed portfolio platform allows you to capture learning as it happens to make documentation quick and easy. Speed up your assessment and reporting process, and easily communicate progress to students and parents.

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Promote Student Ownership

Our dedicated student app provides secure access for students to view their personal digital portfolio, upload assigned work, self-document their learning, and make self-assessments or post comments on the portfolio items.

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Engage Parents

Our dedicated parent app provides secure access for ongoing communication about their child’s learning, allowing them to better support the learning plan. Parents are able to view and comment on their child’s portfolio.

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How it Works

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Capture Artifacts

Document Student Learning

Capture the products, conversations, and observations about learning that happen every day. Use both mobile and tablet devices to capture learning moments through video, picture, audio, and notes. Tag individuals, groups, or the whole class and see artifacts populate to individual portfolios.

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Align with Standards

Add embedded region-specific objectives to activities to track specific outcomes and demonstrate progression towards district standards.

Create Custom Goals & Objectives

Set your own goals and objectives, allowing you to support individual educational programs (IEPs) and connect with students in a way that supports their learning needs.

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Assess Learning

Provide Feedback

After capturing learning, you can provide personalized feedback in student portfolios, or create custom “quick notes” to save time typing out feedback that you provide time and time again.

Streamline Reporting

Choose your desired assessment tool (mastery, anecdotal note, formative assessment, yes/no, score) or create your own and seamlessly assess each activity in our Gradebook. This automatically attaches to the portfolio for each student, saving you hours of paperwork.

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Communicate & Collaborate

Encourage Student Ownership

Research shows that using digital portfolios in the classroom can help build student pride and ownership. Students can self-assess their work, see if they are meeting standards, and reflect on their learning journey.

Increase Parent Engagement

Push notifications inform parents and students when student portfolios are updated, or information is shared. Parents can view and comment on portfolio items, as well as track their child’s progress over time.

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What Teachers Are Saying

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Laura Warkentin

Elementary Teacher

Teachers like Laura are choosing FreshGrade to communicate student learning, focus their teaching practice, and reduce time spent on grading.
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“Before using FreshGrade, I used to compile student portfolios for the end of the year with pictures, videos and scanned documents. It took soooo much time, and I also thought it was a shame to wait so long to share this information. Now, I can share all of those things in real time and keep things organized, so the parents have access to their child’s work. It has made my life easier and also informed parents and students of the wonderful learning taking place.”


“FreshGrade allows me to differentiate instruction and to send a quick message to parents when I see great work or a downward trend in performance. Students know if they are meeting standards before it is a grade in the Gradebook and they have a chance to rise to the challenge. Everyone can see so much more than just a name of an assignment in the Gradebook. Students can upload messages from their pals, show evidence of completion of online drills, and just share things they find interesting.”


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We were astounded about the visible student growth we saw over the process of three-four years of using FreshGrade. That evidence-based record of mastery was phenomenal.


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