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A Digital Portfolio for Your Formative and Summative Assessment Needs

FreshGrade on any device using formative assessment, summative assessment, and visible learning

Research-Backed Portfolio & Assessment Tools

FreshGrade allows you and your students to quickly capture learning in digital portfolios. Teachers can provide feedback and track progression by using a variety of custom tools for both formative and summative assessment.

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Promote Student Ownership

Students choose what they want to upload to their portfolio, reflect on their work, engage in personalized feedback with their teacher, and see how their learning has grown over time.

Data Insights with FreshGrade to help visible learning

Save Time Grading

Documentation of learning becomes easy as you and your students capture the learning as it happens. Teachers found that FreshGrade changed the conversation during parent teacher conference.

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Engage Parents

FreshGrade parents log in multiple times a week, every week, to see what their child is learning at school, communicate with teachers, and better support their child’s learning at home.

Get Started in Minutes

FreshGrace in Action using formative assessment, summative assessment, and visual learning

Want to see FreshGrade in action?

Check out our FREE “how to” and teacher tips videos in the Professional Learning Center

Want to see FreshGrade in action?

Check out our FREE “how to” and teacher tips videos in the Professional Learning Center

What Teachers Are Saying

Lisa Graves | Kindergarten

Lisa explains how she uses FreshGrade to share with parents curriculum content and documentation of student progression.

Heidi Mitchell | 2nd Grade

Heidi explains how she uses FreshGrade to open up the conversation between teachers, students, and parents..

Sondra Kitchen | 3rd/4th Grade Math & Science

Sondra explains how she uses FreshGrade to give parents a window into the classroom and help children better showcase their work.

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FreshGrade allows me to differentiate instruction and to send a quick message to parents when I see great work or a downward trend in performance. Students know if they are meeting standards before it is a grade in the Gradebook and they have a chance to rise to the challenge. Everyone can see so much more than just a name of an assignment in the Gradebook.


Jessica Morgan | 5th Grade

Jessica explains how she uses FreshGrade to collect artifacts of student learning and help students get quick, personalized feedback from her and their parents.

Dan Gross | 6th Grade

Dan is not only a teacher using FreshGrade, but also a parent of two students using FreshGrade. He explains how he uses FreshGrade to track and communicate progress.

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FreshGrade has given me a place where I can easily track my student’s progress on formative assessments. This drives my instruction. I can use this information provided for me in the dashboard to see which students are improving and which students are struggling.


Jill Culligan | Middle School Math

Jill explains how she uses FreshGrade to create excitement around learning and improve teacher’s interaction with students & families.

Lisa Stone | 8th Grade ELA & History

Lisa Stone explains how her students’ analytical skills have improved since adopting FreshGrade.

Chris Mersereau | MS & HS Music & French

Chris explains how FreshGrade helps to save time, get organized, and stay accountable.

John Orr | Secondary Math

Jon uses FreshGrade to help an autistic learner capture his work and demonstrate his progress throughout the year.

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FreshGrade has made my life so much easier. It allows me to document a child’s thoughts or an explanation on their learning and send it off to parents. This allows me to engage and expand on the children’s interests. It is also great having the curriculum expectations right there so we can show how that expectation is being met.


FreshGrade is Free for Teachers

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