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Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway — Winners Announced!

As part of Teacher Appreciation Week, we gave away five $100 Amazon Gift Cards as a token of appreciation for all teachers do!

You always remember a good teacher and we heard some fantastic stories about your favorites, from Literature teachers who instilled a love of reading, to those who encouraged high work ethics.

“My 4th-grade teacher Mrs. Parks was my favorite teacher and the reason I became a teacher!”

“Mr. Martin was my American Literature Teacher. Our homework assignments were to read 2-3 different short stories each night and at the end of the week he would select one or two sentences from each story we read and we had to answer which author and what story those sentences were from. Mr. Martin tireless tutored me each week for an hour a day teaching me how to capture the essence of each author, helping me to be able to recognize writing styles and vocabulary to more easily determine my answers correctly on the tests. I went from being someone who really did not enjoy reading to a person who finds passion in reading. I will always remember his intellect, patience, and willingness to share his passion with me so I could discover a new one.”

another packed talk at CUE 2016

“My favorite teacher was Sandy Tippett. She set high standards for me and would accept nothing less. I always knew I had to work hard and that work ethic is what gets me through my days as a teacher.”

Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to our lucky winners:

  • ReturnToTiffany
  • Martina
  • Angie Doak
  • Joanna Dawn Smith
  • Jane Vroman McDowell

We’ve also emailed the persona survey winners. Missed out this time? Don’t worry, we’ve got more contests coming up soon.




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