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Jordan Tinney

Superintendent, Surrey Schools

Antonio Vendramin


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Mark McWhinnie

Assistant Superintendent - Wolf Creek Public Schools

Through providing ongoing feedback to FreshGrade for future improvements and enhancements, Wolf Creek and FreshGrade formed an educational partnership where product improvements and interface designs are continuously developed to enhance the FreshGrade experience for all stakeholders. Working together with an excellent support team at FreshGrade, our teachers have quickly and easily embraced this digital tool. Our parents appreciate the informal and formal feedback and see strong value in the electronic portfolio as it provides and ongoing communication link to share the learning opportunities their children are experiencing in Wolf Creek classrooms. We selected FreshGrade over other potential portfolio tools as we strongly believe in choosing the right tool, for the right purpose. Our intention of finding a platform that communicates in an easy and seamless manner with parents, without adding extra or unnecessary work for teachers is being accomplished through our partnership with FreshGrade.

Ian Landy @technolandy

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@EMSCarlson @vwoelders @FreshGrade SO much more than a photo album.Transformational in communicating student learning journeys #bcedchat