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Leaders in Education know that the most successful learning environment is one that allows for meaningful connections between educators, parents and students.

While enabling secure collaboration that teachers, students, and parents use every day FreshGrade offers schools and districts world class technology through custom integrations, data storage options and access to unprecedented data in addition to Enterprise-level services and support to ensure success in implementing, using and enabling educators with FreshGrade for improved student outcomes.

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Built for the busy classroom.

Using both mobile and tablet devices teachers and students can quickly and easily capture learning artifacts in a busy classroom.

Artifacts are captured in the form of videos, pictures, audio recordings, links, documents and notes. Combined with custom assessment of activities and student self-documentation, the student’s digital portfolio becomes a rich picture of that child’s learning.


Digital Portfolios and Custom Assessment

The captured learning artifacts and assessed activities automatically collect into attractive ePortfolios for each student. Documenting and showcasing the work that is being done to support that student.


Assessments Map to Learning Outcomes

Location specific Learning Outcomes are pre-populated. Teachers are able to attach LO’s to assessments and activities, keeping their lesson plans focused and alerting them to struggling students.


SIS Integration and Single Sign-On through Clever

Clever is our chosen partner to easily and efficiently connect your District SIS to FreshGrade, also enabling Single Sign-On. Currently serving over 30,000 Schools, Clever is the go-to SIS Integrator – proven and reliable. Learn more at


Support Meaningful Connections

The Student Portfolio becomes the hub for collaboration between Teachers, Parents and Students. Students can upload work and self-reflect on the ePortfolio. Parents can view and comment, as well as track their child’s progress over time.