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Future of Education eBook

Looking to the Future: Assessing Innovation in the Classroom

How and why should we assess innovation? Elementary School Principal, Matt Renwick explores this hot topic, drawing from his experience with Makerspaces, Genius Hour, and Coding and Gaming.

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Authentic Project Based Learning with Digital Portfolios eBook

Authentic Project-Based Learning with Digital Portfolios

Discover the differences between projects and true project-based learning in this free eBook by PBL coaches, Jane Ackers-Clayton and Dayna Laur.

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Self Directed Student Learning ebook

The Secrets of Self-Directed Student Learning

In this eBook, elementary principal, Matt Renwick shares specific strategies and tools to build self-directed, independent learners.

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Innovative Assessment Practices eBook

Innovative Assessment Practices

Encourage your students to guide their own learning and begin to master their destinies. Learn how to assess with purpose, and implement innovative approaches. Julie Petersen’s Innovative Assessment Practices provides real examples of innovation from schools across the United States.

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Enabling the Future of Education eBook

Enabling the Future of Education

Innovative educational practice is making a positive impact on student outcomes, teacher’s workloads, and parental engagement levels. We’ve collected best practices, lessons, and strategies for making learning visible and enabling educators, empowering students, and engaging parents.

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