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Renew your purpose & prepare for the new year!

Busy week? Catch up on your reading with our roundup of top educational stories from the past seven days.

  • Happy holidays! Whether you’re creating, collaborating, sharing, or experiencing, EdTech 4 Beginners has found an app for you in their appvent calendar.

  • An ‘extraordinary’ amount of work, with ‘flawed’ results — Teachthought shares the inconvenient truths about assessment.

  • Do you have the 3 characteristics of successful school leaders? Find out over at Fractus Learning.

  • Looking forward to a break over the holidays? edutopia shares tips on renewing your spirits and your purpose.

  • How are schools changing? EdSurge explores how schools and districts across the U.S are experimenting with their models and technology to better prepare students for the year ahead.


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