Develop Student Ownership by Making Learning Visible

With FreshGrade, teachers and students capture authentic learning experiences in a digital portfolio to communicate learning and to show growth over time. Teachers use the FreshGrade gradebook for both formative and summative assessments.

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FreshGrade has supported our district commitment to personalize learning for every student, fostered student ownership, and offered a rapid feedback cycle for students.


Teacher adding context to a photo to assist with digital portfolio and formative assessment

Visible Learning

Capture Evidence of Authentic Learning

Students and teachers use smartphones or tablets to capture and post to the digital portfolio the artifacts, conversations, and observations about learning that happen every day.

Document the Learning Process

For a true picture of growth, have students upload drafts and revisions, showing the “messy bits” of the learning process along the way to the polished, finished product.

Looking at Personal Development with a Growth Mindset On a Computer using FreshGrade's Digital Portfolio

Standards Aligned

Track Progress against Standards and Objectives

Embed your district’s standards and objectives to demonstrate progression towards district measures in your FreshGrade gradebook.

Create Custom Goals or Objectives

Working on special initiatives in your school like Social Emotional Learning, Growth Mindset or the Four Cs? Maybe you want an easier way to support IEPs? FreshGrade makes it easy to set and track your own goals and objectives.

Teacher adding marks to gradebook in FreshGrade

Formative & Summative Assessment

Provide Feedback

After students capture and post their photos or videos, you can provide personalized feedback to suggest changes, encourage improvement or prompt self-reflection.

Assess YOUR Way

Choose your desired assessment mode — anecdotal note, stars, yes/no, mastery, percentage grade, numeric score — or create your own to seamlessly assess each activity in the FreshGrade Gradebook. Since it is integrated with students’ digital portfolios, you’ll save hours of time preparing report cards.

Parent Comments in FreshGrade App to help monitor progress on digital portfolio over time

Parent & Family Engagement

Keep Families Connected with Automatic Updates

Push notifications inform parents and students when student digital portfolio are updated, or information is shared. Parents can view and comment on portfolio items, as well as track their child’s progress over time.

Use Google Translate for Non-English speakers

Google Translate is integrated within FreshGrade so that ALL parents can be part of their child’s learning conversation, regardless of what language they speak.

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