The Company

Behind the scenes at FreshGrade.

It all started with a simple word, “nothing.”

“Nothing” was what the co-founders of FreshGrade kept hearing when they would ask their kids what they did at school. No amount of poking or prodding could produce a better answer.

Teachers and districts also struggled with this lack of awareness among parents. The challenge became, how to engage parents in a meaningful way, using technology. Despite the advances in technology, the issue of impactful parent engagement remained unsolved.

Working alongside teachers, FreshGrade came to life, and continues to evolve with the feedback we receive.

The team at FreshGrade is a passionate collective of developers, designers, analysts, and strategists – some of us are parents and others are former teachers. No matter what we do or what our background is, we are all driven by the impact on student learning that we see everyday, and our goal of improving learning outcomes for all students.


We love what we do. Meet the dedicated team behind FreshGrade.

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We’re always looking for people to join us in improving learning outcomes for all students.

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Board of Directors

We’re lucky to have the experience and enthusiasm of these fine folks. Meet the Board.

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