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My son was born with cerebral palsy and a hearing impairment. Throughout his first five years, he worked hard in early childhood intervention classrooms and with a bevy of therapists and educators to eventually meet standard developmental milestones like walking and talking. He was courageous and tenacious. I was so proud. But at the dawn […]

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Hello, FreshGrader teachers! To thank you for trying out FreshGrade on your browser, Android or iOS before May 31, we gave away five Chromebooks as a token of our appreciation! We heard some great stories about how you love using FreshGrade and what you’re doing with your students in the classroom. Here are just a […]

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Busy week? Catch up with your reading over the weekend with FreshGrade’s favorite educational stories from the last seven days. Thinking about getting your students outside to study before the end of the school year? This short read about ‘ditching the classroom‘ outlines the benefits for children’s academic performance, concentration, and confidence. The Maker Movement isn’t just […]

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What makes a great team? Google set out to research this question in Project Aristotle. Over several years, the company invested untold millions and researchers interviewed hundreds of employees in over 100 active teams. They wanted to know the key ingredients of the most successful teams. What did they discover? What are your guesses? I […]

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Busy week? Catch up with your reading over the weekend with FreshGrade’s favorite educational stories from the week. We all want kids to thrive. So what happens when we coach their parents? In 1986, a team of researchers in Kingston, Jamaica, did just that. Find out about the profound results of their study. Before you send your […]

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We are amidst the fourth industrial revolution where barriers between man and machine will dissolve. The pace of change is rapid, possibly unimaginable and the global trends have incredible implications for education. This is a consistent theme developing in education, the magnitude of change we must prepare for and adapt to in the future. At recent educational […]

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Catch up with your reading over the weekend with FreshGrade’s favorite educational stories from the week. Stuck in the same routine? Maybe it’s time to try something new. Here are Teach Thought’s 15 ways to be innovative in the classroom, from maker-tinkering to reverse gamification. In the U.K., a professor researching the minefield of girls’ […]

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By Kelli Vogstad and Antonio Vendramin Inquiry is a dynamic and emergent process that can foster a culture of collaborative learning with teachers working together to consider, explore, and reflect on issues and approaches related to shared questions and intentions. It has been said that when educators make their own discoveries, they become energized by […]

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As part of Teacher Appreciation Week, we gave away five $100 Amazon Gift Cards as a token of appreciation for all teachers do! You always remember a good teacher and we heard some fantastic stories about your favorites, from Literature teachers who instilled a love of reading, to those who encouraged high work ethics. “My 4th-grade teacher […]

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The DRIP problem — data rich/information poor is a curse of today’s digital world. Because technology is so pervasive in our lives, so is data. When it comes to education, teachers and parents certainly don’t suffer from a lack of data. The question is, how much of that data gets translated into useful information. And in […]


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