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Summary Report Improvements!

We are making improvements to Summary Reports and have just launched the first of these updates. The most significant update is the ability to print draft reports to paper, or as a PDF, so that your teachers can share them with their stakeholders for review before they are posted to portfolios.

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“We saw a number of teachers with the need to post a report before they could share it with their admins,” explains Senior Developer, Prashant Bhargava. “So we decided to enable printing in draft mode.”

Summary Report Draft

We have made a number of changes to the interface to make it easier to use. Product Designer, Nathan Karsgaard explains: “We wanted teachers to easily see which reports were drafts and which were posted to students’ timelines or shared with parents. We also made some small text changes to make the interface more clear.”

Summary Report Posted 1

Teachers will also be able to download and print from posted Summary Reports for offline storage of completed reports, or to send home. If your teachers have archived a class, they will be able to access and print draft and published Summary Reports from there too!

Summary Report List

If you currently have a summary report in ‘Continue’ status, this release will not delete any of your saved content.


We hope you like these changes! For more information about the update, visit our Summary Report Overview. As always, if you have any questions, please email  



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