Manage Learning Objectives

How Jamie Henderson uses FreshGrade to manage Learning Objectives [Testimonial]

I am an early career teacher teaching in British Columbia. I teach .8 in a split grade 6/7 class and .2 French prep. As is typical for many elementary school teachers, I have a range of subjects; Language Arts, Socials, Science, Health and Careers, Art, PE, and multiple grades of French.

My Biggest Frustration

I remember looking at all the British Columbia PLOs (Prescribed Learning Outcomes) my first week of my BEd program and feeling rather sick to my stomach at the sheer number of them. Sometimes I still feel that way. Simply just reformatting the PLOs is time consuming and that isn’t even the real teaching of creating plans, implementing units, and assessing learning, which all circles around the learning objectives. Managing learning objectives can be a tricky, messy, and paper and time consuming business that just always feel like it could be done more efficiently and more attuned to the realities of life in the classroom.

How FreshGrade Saves The Day

FreshGrade is transforming my assessment, particularly the Objectives Management System. When I am creating units and activities, I can see the list of learning objectives for my specific province and grades and I can easily scroll through them and attach them to specific activities. As I progress through the term, FreshGrade tracks the activities I’ve taught per objective and shows which students need extra support to meet expectations, which students require reassessment, and which students can move on to advanced work. I appreciate the ease with which I can view objectives, show how what we are doing in class is linked to the objectives, and how each and every student is progressing in his or her learning on each specific objective. There is great peace of mind that comes from knowing that I am documenting authentic learning and can show how everything is tied back to the learning objectives.



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