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How Angie Jones uses FreshGrade to build Portfolios [Testimonial]

I teach Grade 3 in a very large classroom in the south-east corner of Edmonton, Alberta. My classroom is very multi-cultural and the majority of my students are ELL (English Language Learners). This year, I even have 2 students who started the year with no English at all.

My Biggest Frustration and How FreshGrade Helps

I was excited to get on board with FreshGrade as a way to demonstrate growth over time for all of my students, especially for our English Language Learners. Our current summative program does not allow for this, and it makes it difficult to convey progress to both the parents and to the students themselves. They become keenly aware that they are not always able to meet grade level expectations so it is imperative to their confidence that they see they are improving. FreshGrade not only allows me to communicate the growth, but I can also use the QuickCapture App to show evidence of this growth over time. The students are excited to see their work and how their learning has progressed over the school year.


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