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Helping Struggling Students, Challenging the Growth Mindset & More

Busy week? We’re here to help.Here’s our roundup of top educational stories from the past seven days:

  • How do you help struggling students? It may seem counter-intuitive, but English teacher, Jennifer Bartell argues that self-directed learning is critical.

  • Hamilton County School officials announced the pilot of four community school models this fall in Opportunity Zone schools. But what are community schools and what purpose do they serve? The Times Free Press investigates.

  • In the past few years, the growth mindset has gained a lot of traction in education. It’s counter to the fixed mindset theory that says that everyone is born at a certain IQ and simply stays there. The problem with both of these theories is that they’re at opposite ends of the spectrum. Todd Stanley argues the truth lies in between with growth bands.

  • “Parents have more power and more choices than they may realize in educating their children,” says Sir Ken Robinson in an interview with The New York Times about his latest book.

  • This week, CompetencyWorks released a new report, Designing for Equity: Leveraging Competency-Based Education to Ensure All Students Succeed. “Personalized, competency-based systems have the ability to disrupt the traditional K-12 education system and replace it with one that ensures all students achieve mastery of the highest levels possible,” says CompetencyWorks Co-Founder Chris Sturgis. Read the report in full here.

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