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Grading Parent Engagement, Reading Instruction, Authentic PBL & More

Busy week? We’re here to help. Here’s our roundup of top educational stories from the past seven days:

  • The benefits of project-based learning are well documented, but even the best-designed projects can lose student’s interest. Sheldon Soper looks at how to make PBL authentic and engaging.

  • Would you grade parent engagement? One of the largest charter school networks in the country has started issuing report cards for its parents—scoring them on how well they support their children in school.

  • Dr. David Vroonland has quite a story to tell. He was born into extreme poverty. The only real constant during his tumultuous upbringing was going to public school, and it provided the glue that kept his life together. He speaks to Dr. Rod Berger about how, as the superintendent of Mesquite Independent School District, he brings his passion for kids to his entire district- especially kids from troubled backgrounds.

  • What is the biggest mistake teachers make in reading instruction, and what should they do instead? Education Week says, “there’s not one right answer” and “we need to let students read, read, read.

  • Want to give students more voice and choice in the classroom? Start with teachers, says edSurge.

  • To say that Theresa Morris is a leading voice in the world of assessment and accountability would be an understatement. She talks to edCircuit about how we need to move beyond standardized testing an create a learning environment that measures students by how they problem solve, communicate, reason and find solutions to the challenges they face.


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