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Assessing Literacy, Strength-Based Learning & the Benefits of Standards-Based Grading

Busy week? We’re here to help. Here’s our roundup of top educational stories from the past seven days:

  • California School District exploring strength-based learning is learning that focussing on what students do well produces more significant levels of engagement and higher levels of academic achievement.

  • The traditional way of teaching and assessing students in literacy doesn’t work. Assistant Superintendent Christi Morgan talks to Rod Berger about her plans to change writing assessments.

  • The adoption of personalized learning approaches has increased significantly in recent years. This report from RAND looks at the promising results in 62 charter and district schools.

  • Transforming our current day classrooms and schools to give every child the quality education they deserve is crucial. Teachers and technology must not be an either/or dichotomy if we want to ensure success, says EdSurge.

  • The growing movement towards standards-based grading in high schools could end up being a boon for college administrations offices by providing deeper information about students. But administrators need to prepare for it, says Paul Riede for School Administrator magazine.


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