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"FreshGrade..form[s] a continuous glimpse into each child's progress that parents and students can share."
- Sir Ken Robinson

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Latest News

Diona Nadir

Congrats DIONA NADIR of Northwestern Middle School in Milton, GA!

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Parent & Student Accounts Got A Boost!

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Globe & Mail: Is this the ultimate teaching tool?

A Surrey Schools team has won Simon Fraser University’s inaugural Cmolik Prize for a learning advancement that could alter the nature of classrooms everywhere.

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The Vancouver Sun: B.C. report cards enter the age of social media

Imagine students in Grade 4 videotaping each other as they give presentations about Greek gods in small groups. Once the presentation is complete, each student uploads their video to an online student portfolio, where their parents and their teacher can see it...

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Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.
- B. Franklin

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